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Meet Our Staff

Greg Roscoe, CEO of CARE Counseling and Owner of A&R Solutions, is an entrepreneur. He has a Master’s Degree in health care administration, and owns multiple clinics similar to CARE throughout the MidAtlantic. In 2008 he started his journey in the health care industry after a personal relationship with someone struggling with addiction issues and experiencing the “system." He wanted to do it better. He decided to open a clinic that always treats the patient with care and respect. “Addiction is a medical disease just like diabetes or hypertension. We as a society need to start treating it as such”. In 2017 he added CARE to his portfolio of person-centered clinics.


Christine Chapman, LSW, is a licensed social worker with more than 25 years of experience. She joined C.A.R.E. as a therapy provider in the MAT treatment team, but after 4 years of dedicated service, she stepped into the role of Clinical Director. She completed her Master's in Social Work at Marywood University and earned additional degrees in Psychology, Early Childhood Education, and Special Education. Christine's person-centered approach to therapy allows her clients to guide the direction of their therapeutic care, working toward goals that are tailored to their specific needs. 


C. Britt Beasley, MD, holds an MD and MS in neuroscience from the Medical College of Virginia and completed his residency training in Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York City and is board certified in psychiatry.  He currently holds positions at the Corporal Michael Crescenz Veteran's Affairs Medical Center and the University of Pennsylvania where he teaches medical students and psychiatry residents. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina in biology, he became interested in biblical counseling during an internship focused on practical theology at his church in Chapel Hill.  He is currently a member of 10th Presbyterian Church where he teaches Sunday school and leads a small group Bible study with his wife, Cori. Dr. Beasley's particular clinical areas of interest include anxiety, attention deficit disorder, substance abuse, and bipolar disorder.  He especially enjoys working with young adults though does not treat patients younger than 16 years old.  He is certified in buprenorphine (Suboxone) management of opiate use disorders.  He has substantial experience treating psychotic and post traumatic stress disorders.  He provides both counseling and medication management services as appropriate.  


Annalisa "Lylly" Smithson, MA, MEd, is a narrative therapist specializing in drug and alcohol treatment. Lylly completed her Master's in Counseling at Lehigh University and a Master's in Anthropology at the University of Sussex. By integrating an anthropological orientation into her therapeutic work, Lylly has established a practice that is sensitive to the cultural nuances of her clients' lives. And by acknowledging the power of culture--within the family, within the community, or within the harsh realities of drug culture--clients can more authentically rewrite their own stories. 


Anastacia Golembiewski, MA has over four years of experience in the helping field. As a therapist, she is compassionate, curious, and approachable. She believes that every client has the answers to their issues within them, and she supports others in accessing to those answers. She is emphatically trauma-informed, and creates a safe environment for her clients to heal in. Anastasia draws on cutting edge science and uses proven techniques, such as somatic interventions, DBT, and psychoeducation in therapy. She uses these techniques to help clients create more effective behaviors, find more freedom in their daily lives, and realize their inherent sanity. Additionally, she helps clients to explore and make sense of how they and their environments have interacted over the years. She emphasizes developing healthy boundaries so that clients can be at their best in relationships. In her spare time, Anastasia can be found hiking, camping, dancing, or relaxing at home with her person and her lovable mutt.  


Benji and Macie, the youngest and furriest members of our team, are our resident therapy dogs. They participate in groups and individual sessions, offering emotional support and unconditional love. They help us create a calm, comforting environment. Clients who experience anxiety report feeling more relaxed when petting or brushing the dogs. People experiencing symptoms of depression often enjoy taking the dogs for quick, quiet walks in the sunny back lot. And Benji and Macie love all the attention and affection from clients and staff alike! Click here to read more about animal-assisted therapy